Prime Digital Academy and the respawn of my programming career

The start of a new adventure path

Posted by Kevin McMahon on October 24th, 2017

Once upon a time I joined the United States Air Force with dreams of being a software engineer. I did learn C# in my training, but long story short, after my separation from the service I went back to school to finish my degree instead of pursuing a job.

I ended up having my first child, and was forced back into the full time work force. After fighting through some jobs where I was not satisfied, and rarely challenged creatively or technically, I was in need of a completely new road map.

I had heard of Prime previously while researching a local devlopment firm called The Nerdery, and it was time to explore what they had to offer.

Leap of faith

Prime offered a high speed, real world setting for getting back into software development. I knew that I needed a complete redesign of my daily routine to position myself for a better future.

Over the course of 20 weeks we learned everything from Javascript, to jQuery, to Angular JS, as well as back end technologies node and express. Before Prime I barely understood what a full stack program meant. Not only have I built multiple full stack applications, I was also a vital part of a client project for Oasis For Youth, a non-profit organization for at risk youth in the Bloomington MN suburb area.

What's next?

As I continue my job search, I am looking forward to finally being in a rewarding work environment and expanding my skills as a software developer. I will first be diving into languages and frameworks that companies I have applied to leverage, to better understand the technologies before potential interviews. I will surely fall down some rabbit holes and get caught up on missing curly braces or parentheses along the way, but here's to the adventure!